About the Project

The constant evolution in several state-of-the-art technological fields such as Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and computer science in general, has led into the adoption of complex smart devices in our everyday lives or houses. The utilization of personal computers, smart phones, tablets and smart devices has led to the early adoption and accustomization of technology by children in early ages. Specifically, children nowadays have a completely different view of technology in comparison to the previous generation, a fact that leads to their indirect technical and technological training. Consequently, this has led computer programming to be added as a course in many preliminary schools where the students learn how to employ basic software tools in order to solve real problems.

The current project proposes a novel architecture, based on which a software framework and specialized smart devices will be built, offering the necessary tools and APIs towards making the educational programming process easy and fast. The proposed work is divided in four strands: 1) the design and implementation of the smart devices including their interactive interfaces, 2) the implementation of cloud web services which will offer specialized algorithms as a service and will be easily callable via the applications executed in the devices, 3) the implementation of a web platform via which the graphical programming of applications will be possible as well as their management, storage and sharing and 4) the pilot testing of the platform, web services and smart devices as well as the evaluation of their utilization and effectiveness towards education.