Ormylia Foundation Art Diagnosis Centre

Driving Directions

The ORMYLIA Foundation has a distance of 74 km from the International Airport of Thessaloniki “Macedonia”  and 90 km from the city centre.

The ORMYLIA Foundation lies on the middle of the peninsula of Chalkidiki, named Sithonia. The easier way is to take the A/D Thessalonikis – Neon Moudanion and follow it up to Nea Moudania. When reaching Nea Moudania, take the exit towards Polygyros/Sithonia/Nea Moudania. Follow the provincial road towards Ormylia. In almost 20 km and just after the village Psakoudia there is a turn left to the village Ormylia. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THAT. Keep driving on the main road for 5 km more and then turn left to the village Vatopedi, go straight up till the church of the village and then turn once more on the left. In the next 500m you will find the ORMYLIA Foundation on your left.

Should you need more information or assistance, please call at +30 23710 98400

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Ormylia Foundation
Art-Diagnosis Centre
GR-63071 Ormylia – Chalkidiki Greece

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