Diagnostic Methods

Visible Spectrum Photography
  • Digital photography of the total and details
  • Digital image processing and color correction
Ultraviolet Fluorescence Photography
  • Acquiring-Rendering-Digitalization of the total and details
  • Acquiring-Rendering-Digitalization-Processing of digital images
Infrared Reflectoscopy
  • Acquiring-Processing of digital images
mIR/nIR/Vis/UV Spectroscopy
  • Scanning and acquirement of spectra from ultraviolet to infrared regions of electromagnetic spectrum
  • Spot color metering
Acoustic Microscopy
  • Scanning and Acquirement of Echographs
Raman Spectroscopy
μFTIR Spectroscopy
X-Ray Fluorescence

Indicative Applications

  • Material characterization in multilayer structures (on surface and in depth)
  • 3D reconstruction of structures with resolution of 1μm
  • Thickness gauge
  • Non-destructive study of integrated electronics circuits (ICs)
  • Study and imaging of nano-composite materials (e.g. reinforcement of mechanical properties of materials)
  • Imaging of artificial bones and tissues
  • Study of underlying drawings and materials of artworks
  • Vertical documentation of artworks
  • Study for artwork preservation using multispectral imaging
  • Authenticity studies