One more positive review for the RAPP project

Hosted by MATIA in San Sebastian, the 3rd RAPP review meeting took place on January 25th. The reviewers have declared to be « very happy with the work achieved » and thanked the consortium for their efforts and commitment. All the project deliverables have been approved and will soon be added to the online public reports page. A live demo of the ANG-MED smart rollator has been performed during the review. Carmen, a patient from the MATIA Bermingham hospital, tried various static and dynamic exercises on the robot.

The work performed during the second year of the project has been appreciated, though more trials are expected for the third and last year, in order to collect patients’ specific requirements, interact more with the end-users, and differentiate from the other robotic app stores. The RAPP store should be really focused on social inclusion, and provide specific dedicated services that would make customers from this vertical sector go there and nowhere else.

A developers manual or wiki will also see the light in the upcoming months to make it even easier for developers to use the RAPP platform, as well as a more detailed report on the ethical aspects of the project. Stay tuned!