SURGICAL EXCAVATION, “Tomography” of an excavation

About the project

The Surgical Excavation A “Virtual Excavation” is a complete solution for documenting cultural heritage objects related to excavations sites. This solution supports the collection, management and dissemination of data related to the excavation plus the cultural objects coming from the excavation. To accomplish that, we use multispectral image, spectroscopy nIR / mIR / UV / VIS, acoustic micro-scopy, spacetime and three-dimensional modeling, and knowledge data mining. All these techniques have been applied to the excavation of Ancient Dion. The project aims to create a product that will enable the management and presentation of all the information related to excavation as well as all the metadata derived from this procedure. The presentation of data is available on the Internet, where the excavation site is appeared on different times and at different spatial points using three dimensional techniques. The system supports the virtual and real e-navigation on site, allowing users to access data and metadata in a friendly and educational manner.