Pilot testing in the frame of the European Scan4Reco Project at the Art Diagnosis Center, at “ORMYLIA” Foundation

Ormylia, July 20, 2018

The Art Diagnosis Center at the “ORMYLIA” Foundation is organizing a workshop on the Diagnosis of Cultural Heritage Objects and Art Works on July 26 and 27, 2018. The workshop will take place in the framework of the pilot testing of the European Program Scan4reco, which will involve a demonstration of a pioneering, multiple method combination for the scanning of artworks, composed of various materials, typologies and styles (i.e. art paintings, Byzantine icons, metal statues) . The featured diagnostic system includes non-destructive tomography mapping and endoscopic imaging of the entire artwork structure. This is achieved by exciting artworks with various kinds of waves and radiations, both electromagnetic and ultrasonic, and with the appropriate configuration and processing, leading, ultimately, to the interpretation of the response of the objects under study. The excitation of the objects is carried out with a robotic device, which was constructed at the Ormylia Foundation, with the system’s sensors having 6 degrees of freedom movement, in order to analyze on the spot 3D objects like old “deformed” icons and statuses. The results of the tomographic endoscopic mapping are also post-processed, taking into account the aging factor of the objects, so that the 4D spatial and temporal reconstruction is achieved with the prospected goal of the complete documentation of the object and its realistic 3D printing.

This workshop is being carried out under Scan4Reco (665091 / H2020-Refectve-7-2014), a research project funded by the European Union.

The workshop will include research institutes and universities from all over Europe, as well as independent researchers in the field of cultural heritage diagnosis.

The pilot trials will take place at the fully equipped facilities of the “ORMYLIA” Foundation at Ormylia, Chalkidiki.

Dr. Georgios Karagiannis
Scientific Director of the “ORMYLIA” Foundation